BUF-M Ultrasonic Flow Meter

BUF-M Battery-Operated Ultrasonic Flow Meter

BUF-M battery powered ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure average volumetric flow rate and volume of bidirectional flows of cold and hot water. The flow meters can be used as part of metering systems and automatic process control systems in power industry and municipal engineering applications.

Technical Features

- LoRa connection
- Independent of power failure and power-off
- Independent of water pollution level (filters not required)
- No pressure loss in pipeline
- High stability of measurement
- Electronic unit positioned directly on spoolpiece
- LCD on/off button for battery charge saving
- Additional options: drain valve and temperature and pressure sensor
- Easy commissioning
- OIML, MID and ISO 9001:2008 certified



Application possibilities

- Residential water consumption metering
- Water consumption metering at industrial enterprises
- Water metering at pipeline control points
- Prepayment systems
- Irrigation

commercial metering

Residential monitoring

Agro monitoring

Agro monitoring

heating substation viltrus

Water substation monitoring

Metering system adjustment to client's needs

If client needs custom made application, our R&D department ready to help. We can adjust our smart meters, temperature sensors and data loggers to whole measurement system to meet client application's needs. Also we are ready to adjust our solution for existing system. If you are not sure if our device can satisfy your needs, feel free to contact us anytime.

BUF-M application example

Viltrus Electronics application example for agriculture use is shown below.

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: rokas(at)viltrus.com