M-Bus to Modbus Converter

M-Bus to Modbus (RS485) Converter

M-Bus to Modbus RTU (RS485) Converter is dedicated to convert M-Bus signal to Modbus (RS485) and to allow M-Bus devices to communicate on a Modbus network.

The M-Bus is a bus optimized for the reading of measurement instruments like energy meters, hot and cold water meters, gas, pressure, sensors and actuators, etc. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers implement the M-Bus interface in their meters, making it the ideal basis for remote reading and smart metering applications.


Main features:

Device versions:

- MB10 Converter dedicated to support up to 10 units of M-Bus meters
- MB100 Converter dedicated to support up to 100 units of M-Bus meters
- MB250 Converter dedicated to support up to 250 units of M-Bus meters

Technical features:

- Automatic RS485 transmission direction
- M-Bus short connection protection
- Power supply: 12 - 36 VDC
- Mounting type: on DIN rail


M-Bus to Modbus protocol converter dedicated to be used with any data logger / gateway / controller



M-Bus to Modbus (RS485) converter dedicated to take data from M-Bus devices and to convert signal to Modbus.


Wiring Schematics

In the schematics below is indication of the M-Bus to Modbus converter wiring schematics.

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